The American Revolution

 King George III

  King George III was the ruler of Great Britain from 1760-1820. He was a true hero to all those in Great Britain. To all those people in the colonies, he was not a hero, but an evil tyrant. The Loyalists in the Revolutionary War loved him. They would hang pictures of him on their walls and would salute the Great Britain flag every day. They would hold tea parties for King George III. For most Loyalists, he was a hero.  The Patriots in the Revolutionary War hated him. They would make effigies of him and burn them. They would call him a Tory and throw rocks at pictures of him. They would burn Tory houses because the Tories honored King George III. He also had a disease called porphyria. It is caused by a chemical insufficiency. King George III had a severe case of this. He got it right after he married Queen Charlotte in 1765. Its symptoms are abdominal pain, paralysis on the arms and legs, and many more. This disease is often known as the royal hereditary disease because it affected most people in the royal family.